Finding the Red Chair and Other Nova Scotia Gems

Mac and I made it to the red chair on the Acadian Trail, a challenge put forth by the Cape Breton National Park keeping the promise of a “majestic view.”  I hiked the 5.1 miles once…Mac did it three or four times.  A steep climb up and a cooling hike down into a shady forest lined by Robert Brook.

Friends along the way…

Mac wrote a poem for me while I was on my trek entitled, “Vivian on the Acadian Trail.”


Pretty amazing, right?  Look out Robert Frost!  BTW:  brees = breeze  🙂  Canadian spelling.

So what are we learning?  Cheticamp is known for her hookers – as in rug hookers.

Gaelic and French take turns with English-speaking folks on this island.  Mass on Saturday night at St. Pierre was in French.  The homily was very deep.

Atlantic salmon fishing in Nova Scotia is some of the best in the world – was some of the best in the world.  Now fishing is catch and release due to dwindling numbers and overfishing in Greenland and other salmon pathways.  Bernadine Marple gave us a guided tour of the fish museum.  She said she could tell I was in sales.  Would bet I was good at it.  (Found Colgate’s Softsoap(R) in the bathroom – yay!)  That’s me holding a swordfish nose.  Mac indulged me with this visit.

Another great stop at Cape Breton Clay.  Met Bell Fraser and her dog Ryder.  Beautiful woman who gave me great advice.  When we talked about art, pottery, dogs and writing, she asked me what I studied and I gave her the diverse and schizophrenic list, she told me to “own” my knowledge.  She’s right.  Everyone is right with this piece of advice.

After a mountain bike ride to the Salmon Pools…(a black fly was trying to bite me in the selfie.  Mac later informed me that only the female flies bite)…

Mac baked potatoes in the fire and we had one of our best low-cal meals yet!

Trooper has been having fun with a baby squirrel in the tree behind the Winnebago…

Toby remains laid back…IMG_1145

I’ve had two great rides on the Vespa up the Cabot Trail to the Grande Falaise (big cliff)…

and we leave tomorrow for Dingwall (northern tip of the island) leaving Parka, the national park mascot behind…IMG_1696

More serious thoughts are brewing but for now, happy with nature and life and one another.

P.S.  Here’s some moose poop for you!


8 thoughts on “Finding the Red Chair and Other Nova Scotia Gems

  1. Incredible!!! Such a beautiful area! The picture of the dog is fantastic! You need to enter that into something! Such a haunting picture of an old soul. Or someone is in the shadows watching out for you, pretty peaceful. Mac is a poet and I didn’t know it! 🙊 Excited for the next stops adventures! LU


    1. Love You!! yeah, wasn’t sure how that was going to turn out – the Ryder picture. You’ll appreciate this. He has a lump on his backside and Bell needs to have it checked out. This time she’s worried. The others have been benign. Miss you……..


  2. Always wondered what moose poop looked like…thanks for sharing that and the wisdom & observations! So happy Toby is able to finally relax…


  3. It seems to be getting awfully crowded here in the Hushpuppy!

    A lot of people along for the ride!

    Better words never spoken ..

    Own your moose poop.


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